Author: Jeff Parker

Jeff Parker

Jeff is another Editor at PCWDLD that has devoted his Life to the IT realm - He currently holds quite a few CompTIA Certifications as well as having several MCP Certifications as well, including his MCSA in Exchange Server. For Fun, Jeff loves to Play Video Games (call of duty) and Kayak.


What is Netflow?

Netflow, a protocol developed by Cisco, is used to collect and record all IP Traffic going to and from a Cisco router or switch that is Netflow enabled. It allows…


What is QOS? Quality of Service

When running a network, you often have mission-critical services and devices that need to have enough bandwidth available at all times in order to perform reliably. However, other network traffic…


Tftp Client for Windows 7

Windows 7 has a Built-in TFTP Client that can be easily and quickly enabled to let you transfer files locally or remotely using TFTP protocol without the need for additional…