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The Best Password Managers for Business

Best Password Managers for Business

Scott Pickard UPDATED: October 27, 2023

Secure your user’s passwords with these five business-focused password management solutions.

Password managers are becoming increasingly useful for both personal and professional use, but there are numerous choices available. Choosing the ideal option for your business is growing more complex as personal password managers expand their functionality to include commercial functions. All the password managers discussed in this article are designed to work perfectly for your business-orientated password management demands. They do this by expanding on the existing basic feature set included in traditional personal-use password management tools with features that are designed to work specifically within a corporate setting.

Here is our list of the Best Password Managers for Business:

  1. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro – EDITOR'S CHOICE A custom-built password management system created primarily for large-scale worldwide organizations that need to manage password needs on a larger scale. You can keep all of your corporate passwords in one place, including privileged accounts, shared accounts, firewall accounts, and others, with the solution. PMP offers a robust solution to the problems connected with handling Shared Administrative Passwords. Start a 30-day free trial.
  2. Sticky Password The Teams edition of the program contains a variety of solutions that are specifically designed for businesses. Like other password management systems, the tool contains several other customizable options.
  3. Dashlane Dashlane is a highly secure password manager with several unique features that are typically associated with other solutions and work well with Dashlane when considering corporate usage.
  4. NordPass In terms of business-focused capabilities, the system provides an activity log that network administrators can access. The solution provides Multi-factor Authentication and company-wide policy control for added protection.
  5. LastPass Several business-related services are included in this solution, which is designed to increase its viability in the workplace. The most crucial feature is the ability to connect LastPass with Single Sign-On (SSO), with automated on/offboarding for a variety of cloud applications.

These features are primarily based on administrative oversight, reporting, and better delivery of the software across a network. Password Managers themselves come with a slew of additional features such as auto-fill and browser extensions, all of which you can also expect from these business-orientated solutions, but typically on a larger scale.

Costs are also an important consideration when choosing your password management solution, and therefore we also discuss the prices of these products in simple terms. They are all oriented toward a subscription model—which is the norm for this kind of product and also serves as a fantastic option for pricing over longer periods. All of these solutions also come equipped with a free trial—a great way to comprehensively test out the features of a product before committing to a purchase.

The Best Password Managers for Business

1. ManageEngine Password Manager Pro – FREE TRIAL

Password Manager Pro

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro by ManageEngine provides a custom-built password management solution designed specifically for large-scale global enterprises that need to comprehensively manage password requirements on a broader scale. The solution allows you to keep all of your business passwords in one place, including privileged accounts, shared accounts, firewall accounts, and others. PMP provides a solid answer to the challenges associated with handling Shared Administrative Passwords. The concept of password ownership and the sharing mechanism ensure that only authorized users have access to administrator passwords. This enables you to handle shared accounts such as ‘Administrator' on Windows, ‘root' on Unix/Linux, ‘enable' on Cisco,'sa' on SQL, and others safely.

Key Features:

  • Centralized Password Vault
  • Password Access Control Workflow
  • Enforce Password Policy
  • Automatic Login to Target Systems & Websites
  • Comprehensive Audit Trails & Reporting

The release controls in Password Manager Pro aid in the management of sensitive resources. Users that require password access must simply submit a request to the administrator along with a plausible explanation—this enables the administrator to review and reject access requests before they are approved. You can also impose automatic password resets after users give up control and check the passwords after use to prevent future unauthorized access attempts. This method helps to remove the chance of users having unauthorized access to IT resources.

The product supports a wide range of target systems, databases, and network devices for access control and automatic password reset out of the box. The access credentials do not have to be contained in configuration files; instead, they can be kept in Password Manager Pro's database. When an application wants to communicate with other apps or databases, it can use the included APIs to query and get passwords from Password Manager Pro. As a result, passwords can be subjected to security best practices such as periodic password rotation and assigning strong, unique passwords without the need for extensive manual modifications.

Other features include the use of native browser extensions to enable automated login to websites and other web apps. To facilitate forensic audits, privileged sessions (RDP, SSH, and Telnet) launched from the web interface can be recorded, stored, and replayed. Because all activities are audited with a timestamp, a user-specified purpose for the activity, and the IP address from which the user accessed the application, audit trails aid in forensic investigations. These extra features aren’t included in most other solutions and are extremely useful for increasing the security capabilities of your business.

The product comes in three different versions with scaling features, and each is consequently designed for more administrative use users. The solution has no limits on the number of actual end-users you support, and only scales based on required admins. The Standard Edition can be purchased in licenses for between 2 and 200 administrators and starts at $595. The Premium Edition can be purchased in licenses between 5 and 200 and starts at $1,395. The Enterprise Edition covers between 10 and 200 administrators and starts at $3,995. If necessary you can purchase additional keys beyond the 200 included as part of the base license. The full enterprise solution comes with a feature-full 30-day free trial.

Password Manager Pro Start a 30-day FREE Trial

2. Sticky Password

Sticky Password

Although Sticky Password is generally intended for personal use, the Teams edition of the program includes several solutions that are expressly targeted toward organizations. The tool, like other password management systems, includes several extra customizable features. Autofilling, credit card saving, and secure syncing between all of your user devices are all included. Essentially, Sticky Password is capable of handling a wide range of business-related demands and is an excellent choice for small-to-medium-sized organizations.

Key Features:

  • Secure Sharing
  • Customizable Security Policies
  • Temporary Access
  • Digital Wallet
  • Encrypted Synchronization

One powerful feature is the ability to safely share passwords with others using the Secure Sharing tool. This complete feature allows you to distribute passwords to people in your network via the app, eliminating the need to utilize alternative methods that may disclose the password. Similarly, the software includes the ability to grant temporary access to a subset of your passwords. This is marketed as an emergency means of giving vital access credentials, but it may also be handy if you need to offer end users or customers temporary access to external services.

Other features include the ability to specify specific access rights, which is useful if you start to rely on the feature. You can grant access to multiple company accounts based on teams or groups, giving you complete control over access permissions across your whole corporate network. These features combine to create an incredibly useful password management tool that has been expressly repurposed from its personal-use version for a business environment.

The entire program is free for personal use and comes with a 30-day free trial for commercial use. Sticky Password, on the other hand, does not offer many membership tiers, as is common for this type of premium product; instead, the solution is available as a single annual subscription for $30 per user. The demand for an annual subscription rather than a monthly subscription commits the product to be heavier, but the free sample should allow the adequate opportunity to analyze whether the solution corresponds with your exact requirements.

3. Dashlane


Dashlane is a very secure password manager with various stand-out features that are generally associated with other solutions and operate well with Dashlane when considering corporate usage. The system provides globally enforced 2FA, which is critical for password managers given the vulnerabilities posed by an exposed password database. You can also employ automated tools to optimize the onboarding and offboarding of users. These methods make the process more efficient and are especially beneficial for medium to large-scale businesses with temporary access requirements or regular personnel turnover.

Key Features:

  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Globally enforceable 2FA
  • Customizable Security Policies
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Automated Off/Onboarding

Offboarding fellow administrators create internal issues, which can be avoided by automating the procedure. Dashlane prides itself on being “the only business password manager with a reporting dashboard”—a feature that provides exceptional functionality to administrators in controlling your company's password security. Dashlane also includes the option to apply customizable security policies to particular user groups throughout your network, ensuring that your users are safe.

Dashlane is the right alternative for your company's password management needs thanks to all of these business-focused features, which are all included with the feature-rich Dashlane application. Dashlane includes the normal features of a modern password manager, such as the ability to save passwords while you browse and auto-fill data as needed. Dashlane may also scan the internet, including the dark web, to alert you to any data breaches involving accounts you have on the platform.

Dashlane includes a free trial of the commercial product, as well as the product itself for personal usage. You may always get a free personal copy to test out the basic functions, while also using the corporate trial to test across your entire business infrastructure. The business solution is available in three distinct pricing options.

The Starter service can secure up to ten users and is invoiced monthly at a flat $20 for all ten users—this is regardless of whether you use all ten, so choose this option only if you plan to use 5-10 users. The Team package costs $5 per user but has no user restriction and is not invoiced for a certain number of users—interestingly, this makes it the ideal choice for more than 10 users but also less than 4 people. The Business package functions similarly to the Team package, however, it costs $8 per user. This bundle offers extra capabilities like SCIM provisioning and SSO integration, as well as a complimentary Friends & Family plan for all of your users.

4. NordPass


You've certainly heard of NordVPN, and NordPass is created by the same people, offering a comprehensive password management solution with a range of features. In terms of business-focused capabilities, the solution includes an activity log that administrators on your network can see. For an increased level of security, the system includes Multi-factor Authentication and company-wide policy control. The built-in password health monitor also provides insights into the password security of your network, as well as helpful advice on how to enhance your password for better safety.

Key Features:

  • Data Breach Scanner
  • Activity Log
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Automated Off/Onboarding
  • Customizable Security Policies

This tool monitors user activity on your network and displays when NordPass is used to log in to a company account. It also displays modifications to your NordPass interface that are related to a user account. This capability goes a long way toward offering a level of network knowledge that many other business password managers do not provide.

The Data Breach Scanner is one of NordPass's most valuable tools. You can find out whether any of your credentials, payment information, emails, or company domains have been compromised by using the most powerful breach scanner a business password management has to offer. You can also set the solution to notify you immediately if a security issue is discovered with one of your users' accounts.

NordPass is geared toward being a business password manager, and it offers a 30-day free trial of the business subscription. The whole package includes a regular corporate licensing option that can cover up to 250 user accounts for $2.56 per user per month. This version contains the security dashboard and customized company-wide settings, but it does not feature complete SSO capabilities.

If you want to provision for more than 250 users, have greater SSO options, or want to integrate with Active Directory, you'll need the Enterprise package. This necessitates contacting NordPass's sales staff directly to acquire a bespoke cost quote, which will be significantly based on your particular user account requirements.

5. LastPass


LastPass is a market leader in personal password managers, and it manages to keep its high standards when used in a corporate setting—the solution includes an admin panel for better managing your large number of user accounts and associated passwords. This dashboard allows you to fine-tune the password security settings in place on your network. The solution also allows you to export security reports, which can be useful in demonstrating compliance levels for your network.

Key Features:

  • SSO Integration
  • Customizable Security Policies
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Automated Off/Onboarding
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

The solution includes several business-related services that increase its viability in the workplace. The ability to combine LastPass with Single Sign-On (SSO), with automated on/offboarding for a range of cloud services, is the most important feature. Dropbox, AWS, Salesforce, and Office 365 are just a few examples. The built-in password vault ensures complete password protection by offering an encrypted and automated technique for securely capturing your passwords. Work teams commonly need to exchange login information for websites and applications, which can be safely shared and stored in your LastPass vault.

LastPass Business also Multifactor Authentication (MFA) adds another layer of protection to your passwords in a business setting, as well as increased login control with choices like biometric logins and geo-fenced logins for office-based personnel to reduce the risk of external exposure. Additional capabilities provided by LastPass, such as Dark Web Monitoring, ensure that you are getting a top-tier solution.

LastPass offers a free personal edition of their product, which may be a feasible choice for evaluating the product's basic feature set. There is also a 14-day free trial of the business license, which provides an adequate chance to test the system's convenience when incorporated into your work environment.

The whole solution is divided into two tiers, with the Teams version costing $4 per user per month (for 50 users or fewer) and including features like Dark web surveillance and MFA. The Business version, which costs $6 per user per month for more than 50 users, is available. The Business package includes up to three SSO apps with MFA, as well as user management options that can be customized.