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The Best OneTrust Alternatives

The Best OneTrust Alternatives

Scott Pickard UPDATED: May 10, 2024

Get the best of your data privacy and security assurance with these alternatives to OneTrust.

Here is our list of the best OneTrust alternatives:

  1. TrustArc Similar to OneTrust, TrustArc offers a variety of specialized tools that can help your company protect the privacy of your data. For instance, businesses can adhere to cookie compliance laws worldwide while providing branded consent experiences with the aid of TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager.
  2. UpGuard Vendor Risk The UpGuard platform gives you the expertise you need to identify, assess, and eliminate third-party risks, enabling your organization to employ the cloud to proactively resolve cybersecurity concerns and securely operate in a threat environment.
  3. Security Scorecard You can use Security Scorecard's ratings to gain a thorough picture of the cybersecurity posture of any firm. In the end, this makes it possible for you to proactively build a more secure ecosystem for yourself and your vendors, which lowers your risk of cyberattack, repairs your vulnerabilities and lets you follow compliance rules.



OneTrust’s broad range of security solutions can be broken down into four separate components. These all operate within the same field of GRC and data privacy solutions, but each approach has a different aspect. When combined, OneTrust provides a comprehensive system to oversee your business’ privacy and data security.

Privacy & Data Governance is designed to provide dynamic templates, adaptable workflows, and connections with current business tools and procedures so that you can automate PIAs, DPIAs, and PbD. To comprehend data processing and produce the necessary records to assess international data transfers, you can also keep up-to-date inventories of assets, processes, and vendors. Additionally, utilizing standardized templates, risk workflows, and pre-written vendor assessments will help you manage the ongoing analysis of third-party privacy practices more easily.

Meanwhile, the GRC & Security Assurance Cloud component provides preventive regulation monitoring, efficient exams and audits, precise vendor risk assessment, and corporate protection through security certification compliance with many frameworks. Using the system you can automate security requirements and control the certification procedure from start to finish, including external audits and internal compliance—access scores for ESG and cyber risk, as well as control gap reports and risk analytics across a variety of risk domains.

The Ethics & Compliance Cloud component is designed to maximize insights into the health of your business’ culture, so management can take prompt action on areas of risk. It also creates and encourages an open and safe environment for employees. You can use a dynamic, online code of conduct to increase employee awareness, while also gaining actionable data to distribute risk-based campaigns while increasing awareness and adoption of policies to transform your policy governance process and consistency. By tracking, managing, and regularly checking disclosures, you can improve visibility and lower the risk associated with conflicts of interest.

The fourth and final component is the ESG & Sustainability Cloud, which provides several auxiliary benefits, such as the ability to minimize and offset your emissions for a healthier planet, by providing you with a thorough understanding of your carbon footprint. Using centralized management and analysis that is focused on taking action, you can streamline the collection, reporting, and disclosure of ESG data. While also giving the businesses in your investment portfolio the resources they need for carbon accounting, program management, and ESG reporting.

OneTrust Alternatives

So, what do you want from a OneTrust alternative? Well, you’re likely after a replacement for the ‘Privacy & Data Governance', and ‘GRC & Security Assurance’—the ‘Ethics & Compliance’ and ‘ESG & Sustainability' components are probably better treated as extra bonuses provided by the solution instead of the core function. If you’re looking for an alternative that includes those parts, it might be better to instead seek out separate products and services that cover your bases.

While the main focus of the whole service is on the first two components, it would be remiss to ignore the benefits provided by the other two. For many businesses, the combination of all four components is the biggest draw for the solution, covering a vast basis. However, with the platform coming as a unified package, you might be paying for a whole portion of the product that you don’t end up using.

The alternative products featured in this article focus primarily on either privacy management or risk assessment. Consider which of these two is your priority and choose your product based on which you consider the most important to your business. If both are important, then your best course of action may instead be to investigate both sides and delve into two separate products to cover these two use cases.

1. TrustArc


Similar to OneTrust, TrustArc provides several specialized tools that can assist your business in securing your data privacy. For example, with the help of TrustArc Cookie Consent Manager, enterprises can meet cookie compliance regulations all over the world while offering branded consent experiences. While also providing insights into the sources of the trackers you've detected and which ones have an impact on the functionality of your website, and utilize scheduled website scans to automatically find and classify tracker modifications, updating your cookie policy as necessary.

Key Features:

  • Cookie Consent Manager
  • Consent & Preference Manager
  • Data Inventory Hub
  • Individual Rights Manager
  • Compliance Research Tools

You can also employ a Consent & Preference Manager to utilize 500+ connectors, including those from Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, and others, to manage consent and preference data across 3rd party tools. This works through your complete marketing technology stack to offer a single experience for collecting client preferences. Meanwhile, the TrustArc Individual Rights Manager manages the lifetime of data subject requests and expands with your organization. Organizations can safely give accurate responses while dynamically assessing requests with the help of our proprietary privacy intelligence technology and the flexibility to establish automated procedures, all within the necessary regulatory timeframe.

The solution can provide you with real-time, actionable insights on how to comply by continuously monitoring where your company stands about rapidly evolving privacy laws like GDPR, CPRA, and China PIPL. Additionally, make a thorough inventory of all the IT systems, vendors, and corporate partners that are pertinent to data flows and potential risks throughout your organization—also facilitate cross-departmental knowledge integration by facilitating collaboration with teams across the organization.

The regulatory research service provided by TrustArc—called Nymity Research — contextualizes the most recent regulatory revisions using analyses created by unbiased privacy specialists and supported by a sizable global research database. This can help you reduce the need for lengthy searches to find reliable analysis by providing simple-to-understand warnings on the most recent privacy laws. This package addresses the regulatory risk that affects your privacy program and business by comprehending new developments and the rate of change in the regions in which you operate.

TrustArc offers you the ability to demo all components of their solution, with comprehensive and in-depth insights into exactly how each feature works. This demo period is conducted by an expert at the platform, who can answer any questions you might have regarding the service and how it can be best utilized in your business. In terms of costs, you can contact TrustArc directly for personalized quotes on pricing. The costs will relate to the scope of your business requirements, and the extent to which features you require for your business infrastructure.

2. UpGuard Vendor Risk

UpGuard Vendor Risk

If you need an alternative that matches specifically the security assurance component of OneTrust, then UpGuard’s Vendor Risk product will fulfill your needs perfectly. The UpGuard platform enables businesses using the cloud to resolve cybersecurity risks proactively and securely function in a threat environment by continuously monitoring your third-party vendors, giving your staff the knowledge they need to recognize, evaluate, and eliminate third-party risks.

Key Features:

  • Vendor Security Ratings
  • Custom Notifications
  • Vendor Tiering and Inventory
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Remediation Requests

Using data-driven, objective, and dynamic security evaluations, you can quickly evaluate the security posture of your vendors. This works through the study of reliable commercial, open-source, and proprietary threat information feeds as well as non-intrusive data collection techniques, and our security ratings are produced. Numerous standard notifications are included within the system, and you may also build and manage your own custom notifications, which can be used as webhook triggers, in-app notifications, or email alerts.

The system provides risk dashboards, which allow you to streamline and expedite the third-party remediation process. UpGuard is designed to keep tabs on your development and let you know when vendors resolve problems, which means you'll use less email and spreadsheets and have more time to concentrate on enhancing your security posture. Additionally, the included vendor inventory makes it quick and easy to locate, follow, and keep an eye on any organization's security posture. Vendors can be categorized, and compared to industry benchmarks, and you can track changes in their security posture over time.

With the help of UpGuard's vendor comparison tool, you can examine the security postures of up to four vendors side by side and determine which poses the lowest risk by digging into the specifics. Additionally, you can specify examined evidence, record conclusions based on this evidence, record who conducted the assessment, and more by creating a risk assessment for a vendor. It offers a way to take a quick snapshot of the risks and supporting information at the time this vendor was evaluated.

UpGuard provides a 7-day free trial of the platform, which can be accessed by creating an account from the website—this also includes an optional onboarding walkthrough that functions as a demo to showcase the best of the product. The full product has publicly listed prices, with the Starter package costing approximately $18,999/yr and covering up to 50 vendors. The Corporate package covers up to 500 vendors and costs $83,999/yr—making this an expensive but potentially necessary commitment for larger businesses. For anything beyond 500, you will need to contact UpGuard directly for a personalized quote.

2. Security Scorecard

Security Scorecard

Security Scorecard provides you with the means to utilize security ratings to get a comprehensive understanding of any organization's cybersecurity posture. This ultimately allows you to proactively create a more secure ecosystem for you and your vendors, which reduces cyber risks, patches your vulnerabilities and allows you to adhere to compliance regulations. As your company goes through a digital transformation, you can use this system to gain visibility into the digital assets that are spread across various cloud and IoT ecosystems.

Key Features:

  • Digital Assets Visibility
  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Compliance Maintenance
  • Regulatory Oversight
  • Digital Forensics

Scorecard’s platform means you can keep track of anyone who is lagging between periodic evaluations. This means you can recognize the early warning signs, so you can concentrate on what needs to be prioritized using a risk-based, unbiased approach. Also, obtain useful information that you can use in the event of a breach. For organizations that don't receive direct feeds from IC and Law Enforcement, this is especially helpful. This also means you can proactively show your clients that you are protecting their data by adhering to industry best practices. You can automatically monitor compliance with recent security regulations like PCI DSS with Security Scorecard.

Utilize the outside-in, unbiased analysis provided by Security Scorecard to verify regulatory compliance and enhance sector-wide resilience. You can provide a thorough picture of your vulnerability to cyber risk by continuously observing the security postures of other parties. This gives you daily insight into the state of your online ecosystem. You can also use the internal communication platform to send questions and directly get in touch with vendors if anything seems odd.

Using the regulatory oversight processes, you can examine the assets that your business, its contractors, and the regulated firms have been assigned. You can quickly identify the areas of your digital security posture where breaches are more likely to occur. This means you can easily identify vulnerabilities, unmanaged endpoints, and unsecured web domains of your high-risk assets. The patching cadence module examines an organization's security update installation pace to gauge its practices for mitigating vulnerability risk, while a range of security issues that a company could have been measured by the Cubit Score module.

Security Scorecard is fundamentally free and provides you with the ability to create a free account and receive an instant report and security rating that details your overall vendor risk score. The free account provides the basic features and covers tracking for up to five companies with notifications. The Pro version costs $400 per month and adds features such as advanced self-monitoring reports and rule-based alerting.

The Business plan costs $1000 per month and adds the all-important vendor comparisons features which are extremely useful for future mitigation and company growth. While the Enterprise solution provides add-on services and unlimited scorecards, you will need to contact Security Scorecard for a quote.