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The Best Oracle Backup Tools

The Best Oracle Backup Tools

Scott Pickard UPDATED: May 10, 2024

Back up your Oracle instances with these reliable and effective backup tools.

At this point, Oracle is the mainstay of any database service, and the services they provide are used by countless industries across a variety of markets. You’re doubtlessly reading this article as a member of one of the countless businesses that employ Oracle databases, alongside the likes of Netflix, LinkedIn, and eBay. All of that data is integrated between a vast array of third-party systems, running through your network as the core of all of your data—you are not wrong to be concerned about the risks that losing such data could pose to your business.

Fortunately, Oracle comes equipped with several inbuilt security functions that can massively improve your security and data reliability. Database auditing features allow you to ensure your data is protected and private; while privileged user controls and security scripting provide you with customizable levels of protection. However, despite the offers presented by Oracle—it can all go wrong without any form of backup.

By sourcing your Oracle database backup to a third-party solution, you ensure that your databases are kept safe from complete loss. This article explores a variety of backup solutions, all equipped to handle your backups with full Oracle integration. Most of the solutions on this list are distributed as BaaS solutions (Backup as a Service)—a method of handling the costs of a backup solution through a SaaS (Subscription as a Service) model.

Here is our list of the best Oracle Backup Tools:

  1. N-able Backup A backup tool that is robust but prioritizes usability in backup solutions. A selection of readily accessible security and recovery methods are included in the package.
  2. Ottomatik A straightforward method for SaaS backups that can be quickly installed and configured while offering several beneficial features.
  3. Acronis Cyber Backup Several security-focused features are included in cloud backup solutions with native Oracle integration to safeguard your data.
  4. Commvault Backup and Recovery Offers a single point of management for diverse data sources and supports and integrates natively with Oracle.
  5. inSync Data Backup An effective backup tool with Oracle integration is provided by a SaaS backup service, which includes several crucial data loss protection systems.
  6. Comet Backup A backup platform that has several useful features, such as “chunking” technology that reduces data's size for faster transmission and less bandwidth and storage demand.
  7. Quest Rapid Recovery The fastest backup solutions can restore your virtualized Oracle instances quickly if recovery times are your main concern.
  8. Iperius Backup A strong backup solution with encryption, full restoration abilities, and integration with other Iperius products.
  9. Nakivo An enterprise-grade backup and recovery product, with a simple interface, designed to reduce the complexity of setting up Oracle RMAN backups.

SaaS (Subscription as a Service) Backups

So what is Subscription as a Service? Well, the amount of vital data maintained on your network may fluctuate depending on the needs of your business as user data or database entries are changed, added, or removed. Traditional backup products can aid in protecting this data, but you might be paying for storage that isn't constantly needed, or you might find yourself unexpectedly in need of more space than a standard product can provide.

Here, Backup as a Service (BaaS) products come into play. These offer every advantage of a subscription solution, including customizable financing based on your precise company requirements. The price points are often established in pliable storage quotas that may be altered properly, even though the specifics of many of these products must be agreed upon through price quotation.

Backup Options to Consider

This article explores 9 commercial Oracle backup options that can satisfy your needs for data security. Naturally, the solution you select will vary based on the type of backup solution you require and your spending limit for such a product. Regardless of the options, you might be interested in, do not skimp on backups.

You often don't realize how important backups are for preventative security until something goes wrong. If your data is crucial to your company, you must ensure it is secure and that it can be rapidly recovered. This is particularly important if your Oracle instances contain user data. You run the risk of breaching the law if you store user data on your network without taking proactive steps to protect it.

Since most of the options presented to you in this article operate on a BaaS business approach, you can budget more accurately when making your considerations on which service you intend to go with. Every single product featured on this list also comes with a free trial, which is especially useful in determining the exact usefulness of each product while testing its features.

The Best Oracle Backup Tools

1. N-able Cove Data Protection

N-able Cove Data Protection

The web-based backup solution N-Able Backup combines your backup needs with a desire to make backup solutions as simple and convenient as possible. The solution provides features for recovery testing and can provide backups of both physical and virtual servers. A single web dashboard allows you to manage, inspect, and adjust all of your data backups. Full support for and integration with Office 365 are other significant features.

Key Features:

  • SaaS backup platform
  • Central dashboard
  • Archiving without extra costs
  • Recovery testing
  • Physical & virtual backups

For retrieving damaged or lost data, N-Able Backup provides a file restoration tool and a full archiving capability. The product provides AES 256-bit encryption for backups in transit and at rest and offers a total of 30 data centers globally—ensuring you have reliable coverage regardless of where your business reaches. You can also utilize versatile recovery solutions, such as standby images, to swiftly restore files, folders, or entire machines.

For a 30-day free trial to test out the features and backup options, visit the website. In addition to the free trial, you can select from several premium service options to make sure your Oracle integration is handled correctly. You'll need to speak with the business directly and explain your needs for Oracle support to receive a customized cost quote.

2. Ottomatik


Ottomatik offers a set of functional and reliable features, taking a more direct approach to an Oracle backup solution. Both team management tools and several security components are part of the system. For instance, you can create unique logins for every team member, deconstruct role permissions, and encrypt and key-authenticate data.

Key Features:

  • SaaS backup platform
  • Fast installation
  • 1-click recovery options
  • Team management
  • Data encryption

Recovery is a simple process with a “one-click” option for data restoration, you can also receive customizable real-time and summary notifications for completed and failed jobs. The service can keep your backup files on provided database servers for a modest price, or you can integrate your storage servers (Amazon S3, Dropbox, Drive, etc.) or use our database servers.

There is a full 14-day free trial of the service that you can sign-up for and integrate. Each of the four types of service choices can be bought in monthly or yearly installments. The $14/month Lite edition comes with 1GB of hosted storage. The Startup plan has 5GB of storage and costs $39 per month. Finally, storage is increased to 10GB and 15GB in the Professional and Enterprise versions, which are priced at $79 and $139 per month, respectively.

3. Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis Cyber Backup

With fully supported Oracle integration support, Acronis Backup Cloud expands the Acronis Cyber Backup solution to include cloud options. The software is simple to integrate directly into Oracle, delivering all of Acronis Backup Cloud's functionality. The solution has many security measures in place to prevent data loss or exposure, and also to limit unauthorized access. The software contains a collection of tools for creating admin roles and user restrictions as well as an encryption feature for your databases to increase internal security.

Key Features:

  • Highly secure backup
  • Storage optimization console
  • Multi-level administration
  • Off-host operations
  • Subscription licensing

To correctly optimize your backup storage solution, deduplication and a web-based administrative dashboard are provided to administrators. You may streamline future analysis by gathering digital evidence, such as memory dumps and process information, from disk-level backups using the Forensic Mode included in Acronis Cyber Protect.

A 30-day free trial of the service is offered on the website. To find the best offer, the available products can then be sorted by scale and attributes. According to your backup requirements, the Advanced edition also includes capabilities like flexible deployment and VM snapshots.

4. Commvault Backup and Recovery

Commvault Backup and Recovery

With native compatibility for Oracle cloud platforms, the Commvault Backup and Recovery system offers a singular backup point for multiple data sources. Additionally, the solution streamlines your oracle cloud integration by using the command center, a unified dashboard suite for management and monitoring.

Key Features:

  • Native Oracle support
  • Granular data recovery
  • Ransomware protection
  • Central dashboard
  • Cloud backup automation

High-speed granular recovery and high-performance backups are features of the product. A high level of data security is also provided by the combination of built-in ransomware defense and end-to-end encryption to protect your data, including data-at-rest and data-in-flight encryption.

The website offers a free trial of Commvault's full data security suite, which also includes Backup and Recovery. For a customized price quote for the product, you'll need to get in touch with Commvault directly.

5. inSync Data Backup

inSync Data Backup is a comprehensive SaaS backup product utilized for many backup applications, the inSync Enterprise Endpoint Data Backup backup solution supports Oracle backups. Your data will be completely protected thanks to the solution's usage of 256-AES encryption and TLS 1.2 encryption for data transport.

Key Features:

  • SaaS backup platform
  • Incremental forever backup model
  • Compliance reporting
  • Role-based access control
  • Data encryption

To prevent errors, the solution combines an incremental backup strategy, data loss prevention technology, and a remote wipe capability. Automation and on-demand compliance reporting and monitoring are also possible. Additionally, role-based access control lists with group-customizable user preferences are used to enforce internal security.

On the website, a full free trial of the solution's Elite edition is offered. The program's Elite version costs $10 per month, while the Enterprise Edition costs $8 per endpoint each month. The Elite editions also include management features, such as federated metadata searching and eDiscovery, which may or may not be useful for your Oracle connection.

6. Comet Backup

Comet Backup

A flexible all-in-one solution for your backup requirements is Comet Backup. It features Office 365, Cloud-hosted MongoDB services, and Oracle cloud integration for disk and partition backup. Furthermore, Comet provides incremental backups that employ “chunking” to divide data into compressed and encrypted chunks for easier delivery and storage.

Key Features:

  • Incremental forever backup model
  • Integration API
  • Secure encryption
  • Data compression technology
  • White-label software

Backups are speedy and secure thanks to client-side deduplication technology and file encryption. Additionally, Comet Backup offers an API that may be applied to increase its interoperability with other data sources.

The solution offers a 30-day free trial so you may evaluate the features of the program in your office setting. The cost of the entire system is divided according to the required specific data sets; the Oracle integration is included as part of Office365, Disk Image Backup, and MongoDB for databases.

7. Quest Rapid Recovery

Quest Rapid Recovery

With a focus on a speedy recovery, Quest Rapid Recovery is a backup and recovery solution that supports Oracle via full integration. Verified recovery backup protection systems undertake recovery testing by verifying that backups are usable and recoverable in the current environment. The system also creates database snapshots with integrated compression and deduplication methods to lower capacity demands.

Key Features:

  • Block-level snapshots
  • Fast restore technologies
  • Integrity checks
  • Application awareness
  • File prioritization systems

The wide array of features extends to Oracle, even when held through a virtual platform, and offers quick recovery times without any negative effects on your users. Before creating a snapshot, Rapid Recovery ensures that all open transactions, rolling transaction logs, and caches have been closed and have been flushed to disk.

Quest Rapid Recovery provides a free trial to assess the full capabilities of the solution and make sure it meets your backup needs on the company website. But let's say you'd like a customized estimate of the cost of the full product. In such a scenario, you'll need to get in touch with Quest directly.

8. Iperius Backup

Iperius Backup

Iperious Backup is a capable backup program that offers both a free and a paid edition with a wealth of features and native support for Oracle backups. The system comes with a central management suite that enables you to monitor your backup operations and define precise backup parameters. Comes with a robust backup suite for several additional integrations, and with a single license, protects an infinite number of accounts automatically. Your backups can be compressed, encrypted, and saved to any local, FTP, S3, or cloud storage.

Key Features:

  • Native Oracle support
  • Incremental backups
  • AES 256 encryption
  • Backup scheduling
  • Iperius Console integration

Although the setup for Oracle integration can be a little hard, it is easy to use once set up properly. Additionally to full AES 256 encryption, scheduling options, and other useful management features, complete database backups and restores are provided. A variety of additional products from Iperious are available for usage in conjunction with the Backup solution.

There is a free trial available for the Advanced version, which is required for database backups and Oracle integration. The cost of a perpetual license for the Advanced version is about $230. The Full edition, which allows many more data sources that can be separately incorporated into a central solution, costs about $350.

9. Nakivo

NAKIVO Backup and Replication

Nakivo provides you with the capabilities to manage Oracle RMAN backup and recovery, using the simple but intuitive single-pane interface. The solution uses native backup and recovery methods for the highest level of database security and allows you to utilize backup job scheduling to automate data protection procedures. While the solution is tailored specifically for Oracle RMAN, you can reduce Oracle RMAN setup and maintenance complexity for quicker backups and simple recovery.

Key Features:

  • Simple but functional interface
  • Native backup and recovery tools
  • Data recovery automation
  • Smooth backup administration

You no longer need to execute daunting Oracle RMAN scripts thanks to the backup & replication functions that do the difficult automation jobs for you. Recovery-related operations are taken care of by the solution, which reduces management complexity and helps you save valuable time, which can help you reduce the RTOs for the database you need to restore.

Nakivo presents a full free trial of the product on the company website which can be found here. The full solution comes in several graded options that increase the available features, but for the full Oracle RMAN backup and recovery options, you’ll need to get a direct quote for the Enterprise Plus options—in addition to Enterprise Plus, the Oracle RMAN backup addition costs around $165 per database for a perpetual license.