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Symantec Web Protection Review & Alternatives

Symantec Web Protection Review and Alternatives

John Cirelly UPDATED: December 16, 2022

With Symantec Web Protection, businesses are protected across the web, social media, apps, and mobile networks. It functions as an intermediary between people and the internet, detecting harmful websites and regulating access to sensitive material. The solutions include a variety of features to authenticate users, filter web traffic, monitor cloud application usage, prevent data loss, provide threat prevention, and provide visibility into encrypted communication.

The Symantec Web Protection Suite provides enterprises with a sophisticated cloud-delivered Secure Web Gateway and an industry-leading on-premises Secure Web Gateway (SWG) implementation – both of which may function together seamlessly with a single administration, reporting, and policy control interface. In addition, Threat Intelligence, SSL Inspection, Content Analysis, Isolation, Sandboxing, and WAF are all included.

Symantec Web Protection

The Symantec Web Protection Suite is suited for clients who are contemplating cloud SWG adoption and would prefer the flexibility to embark on this path at any moment. The Suite is also an entry-level SASE foundation, offering safe and rapid access for any user, from any device, in any place, while protecting people, devices, and data from known and unknown threats across all locations (Remote, branch, and HQ).

Key Features:

  • Symantec Web Security Service This cloud-based solution consists of Content filtering, SSL Interception, Anti-Malware scanning, 100-day reporting, Explicit Proxy, IPsec VPN, and WSS Agent. Additionally supports interaction with Symantec DLP, CASB, and Endpoint Security.
  • Symantec Proxy Virtual or Physical Appliances For each 100 WPS users, one Proxy processing core is available for on-premises deployment, whether virtual, in a private cloud, or on specialized Symantec Hardware (SSP-410 appliances – sold separately).
  • Content Analysis System Virtual or Physical Appliances For each 100 WPS users, two Content Analysis processing cores are available for on-premise deployment, whether virtual, in a private cloud, or on specialized Symantec Hardware (SSP-410 appliances – sold separately).
  • Intelligence Service Advanced This includes Symantec's per-URL risk level ratings, CASB application access, and geolocation data streams.

This solution's cloud-native SWG differentiates from others on the market that are operated from single-purpose Data Centers and lack protection against modern threats.

The cloud SWG is implemented on a cloud-native, hyper-scaling, and high-performance architecture atop a major CSP (Google). It is directly connected to the same backbone that delivers YouTube, Google's Ad Network, and other services of the highest caliber.

Symantec Web Protection is a comprehensive collection of advanced security features to safeguard users at the office, at home, and anywhere else remotely. Moving to the cloud is not something you should do immediately if your business is huge, sophisticated, or has a low-risk tolerance. Instead, preserve your current SWG architecture and rules and migrate users to the cloud at your own pace.

Symantec Web Protection Best Alternatives

1. ManageEngine Browser Security Plus – FREE TRIAL

ManageEngine Browser Security Plus

ManageEngine Browser Security Plus protects endpoints from various browser threats such as phishing pages, malicious URLs, driveby downloads, and more.

Key Features

  • Robust content-based web filtering
  • DNS-based malicious URL protection
  • Automated alerts based on web activity

ManageEngine Browser Security Plus is a tool that helps organizations protect their network and devices from web-based threats, such as malware and phishing attacks. The software includes features such as web filtering, malware detection, and real-time monitoring to protect against web-based threats.

Browser Security Plus can block access to malicious websites, prevent the download of malicious files, and detect and remove malware that has already been downloaded. It can also protect against phishing attacks by blocking access to known websites and warning users about potential phishing attempts.

Overall, Browser Security Plus can help organizations protect their network and devices from web-based threats, improving the overall security of their IT environment.


  • Highly customizable content filtering
  • Robust reporting – great for enterprise networks
  • Built to scale, can support large teams
  • Flexible – can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac


  • The ManageEngine ecosystem is very detailed, requiring time to learn all of its features

You can download ManageEngine Browser Security Plus completely free through a 30-day free trial.

Download 30-day Free Trial!

2. Proxy SG 

Proxy SG

ProxySG is a forward and reverse proxy Symantec Secure Web Gateway (SWG). In all deployment types, it utilizes its very effective caching capabilities to enhance the Internet experience of customers. In forward proxy mode, the client is often an enterprise whose employees benefit from speedier Internet access owing to the proximity of cache resources. Note that in this configuration, more upstream caching devices are possible (think Content Delivery Network, Reverse Proxies, Load Balancers, etc.). In reverse proxy mode, ProxySG is often put in front of the Origin Content Server (OCS) and is the final cache device before the web server.

Key Features:

  • Complete Protection and Control ProxySG offers complete safety and control over web traffic by providing its users with extensive protection and control options. Strong user authentication, online filtering, comprehensive examination of content for data loss or threats, and security checks to the Blue Coat are all made possible as a result.
  • Layered Defenses Security Framework Layered Defenses ProxySG integrates Web Pulse as part of its security framework when installed in conjunction with Blue Coat Web Filter. Web Pulse is a collaborative cloud defense that brings together over 75 million users to monitor and respond to web content and threats.
  • Unmatched Performance and Reliability ProxySG breakthroughs in new hardware platforms with multiple cores and the SGOS operating system with multi-threading allow up to 1Gbps throughput for high availability installations and grow 5X beyond the capabilities of the previous generation.
  • Scalability and Lower Total Cost of Ownership The Blue Coat security architecture scales in a variety of ways, which results in a lower total cost of ownership for clients. The performance enhancements have a lower requirement for the amount of hardware, rack space, and power than the alternative alternatives. To increase the level of security provided by WebPulse, additional defenses may be added to the cloud platform seamlessly.

ProxySG delivers full web traffic protection and management. Strong user authentication, web filtering, deep inspection of content for data loss or threats, security checks to the Blue Coat WebPulse collaborative defense, inspection and validation of SSL traffic, content caching and traffic optimization, bandwidth management, streaming media splitting and caching, and method level controls per protocol are all made possible. Additionally, it may filter, strip, or replace online content. Its new Web Application Policy Engine enables web applications with granular visibility and management. With its content filters and policy adaptability, ProxySG provides the optimal basis for a secure online gateway. In addition, it may give online security and acceleration in a single package to a branch office. This enables branch users to have direct internet access with the same level of protection as users in the main office.

3. Bitglass 


With Bitglass, data may be protected without the need for agents to be installed on any device. Their solution, known as Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), protects data sent from any cloud application to any device.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Threat Protection Bitglass provides a customized, fine-grained data security method. With a sophisticated cloud DLP engine and Advanced Threat Protection features, Bitglass takes action depending on the content and context of data automatically.
  • Protect Data Prevents data leaks and stops threats while enabling user mobility and productivity
  • DLP Protection Protects data traveling to or from the cloud via a spectrum of DLP controls including encryption, redaction, and watermarking 
  • Anti-malware Stops all known and unknown threats instantly with Bitglass' predictive anti-malware engine, powered by Cylance.

In addition to enforcing access restrictions and restricting sharing, protecting against viruses, and preventing data loss, you should also. Zero-day security, data loss prevention, access management, user behavior analytics, agentless mobile security, and API administration are some of the services offered by Bitglass. It automatically discovers new cloud apps, dangers, and devices, and then learns how to adapt to them.

4. iBoss Cybersecurity

iBoss Cybersecurity 

Secure Web Gateway Platform is a platform that secures data where other solutions fail. Prevention and detection are incorporated in the Secure Web Gateway Platform, but it has the greatest impact on preventing data exfiltration, providing visibility into complex evasion tactics, and automatically containing infections.

Key Features:

  • Detect and control protocol-evasive threats Advanced malware that integrates with the TOR network to evade your protection is a ubiquitous, new kind of threat that typical solutions cannot identify. Monitoring well-behaved protocols is insufficient and can result in infections entering the network quicker and remaining undetected for longer.
  • Automatically isolate high-risk users The number of mobile devices, remote places, and roaming users that may access your network has generated new sources of sophisticated attacks for which you must be prepared.
  • Isolate internal outbreaks iboss Threat Isolator places data protection technologies within the network perimeter to provide full protection against exploits such as Crypto Locker or C&C callbacks. It isolates and controls viruses dynamically by restricting internal connectivity between your network's machines.
  • SSL and Encrypted Communications Management The iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform assures compliance and protection across all HTTP and HTTPS traffic using a highly scalable solution with configurable tools.

Even after evading your sandbox, the iboss Secure Web Gateway Platform's proprietary network anomaly detection exposes the most elusive signatureless malware. Once an issue is identified, you receive real-time email notifications and your data is quarantined before it can be compromised. Our system requires only minutes to set up and delivers 24/7 security without requiring a network reconfiguration.

The FICO Cyber Score module reduces dwell time and minimizes data loss by combining FICO's proprietary behavioral analytics and consortium methodology with iboss' node-based cloud security. FICO's algorithms give a cyber risk score, which dramatically enhances productivity by alerting analysts of possible threats and evaluating the risk's severity in real-time. Scores are supplied through the iboss Incident Response Center, enabling IT professionals to concentrate on what matters most by disclosing the individuals, devices, and servers that represent the most risk.

5. Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella

DNS is used by Umbrella to prevent any threat from entering the system through any port or protocol. You will be able to connect to your network in a safer manner if you can block malware at an earlier stage. Being proactive in the face of threats is essential to safeguard both you and your company. This is also highly effective against assaults that are made directly against the IP address.

Key Features:

  • Complete URL tracking and reporting This provides better awareness of patterns and allows for speedier investigations, which in turn reduces the costs of remediation.
  • Inspection and banning of files for viruses Comprehensive scanning using anti-virus and anti-malware software to cut down on the number of successful assaults.
  • SSL Decryption The capability to decrypt and analyze encrypted online traffic as well as stop concealed assaults to reduce the total number of infections.
  • Content control Easily implements acceptable usage regulations and block dangerous URLs to ensure compliance and defend against malicious destinations. This feature is included in content control.

You and your employees will be able to avoid landing on rogue websites whose primary purpose is to steal your data if you use the Web security proxy component of this product. Any potentially dangerous URLs are sent to a proxy server by Umbrella, which does further scans on the website and examines any files that might put your company at risk.

6. McAfee Web Gateway

McAfee Web Gateway

McAfee is a cybersecurity steady veteran with innovative products dating back to the 1990s, including antivirus and firewall software. Some things, such as cyber hazards, rise as the times change. McAfee Online Gateway Cloud Service is a cloud-native web security platform that attempts to win you over with a balanced combination of robust security and cost-saving features.

Key Features:

  • Obtain the most excellent protection available in the business Utilize proactive intent analysis to remove harmful information from real-time online traffic. McAfee Web Gateway defends proactively against zero-day and targeted threats by analyzing a web page's active content, simulating and comprehending its activity, and anticipating its purpose. Outbound malware detection discovers and isolates current infections calling home and prevents sensitive information from leaving the enterprise via Web 2.0 sites.
  • Utilize layered security to strengthen protection Advanced security is provided by Web Gateway, which combines local protection from McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware Engine with cloud-based McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI). Choose between on-premise and cloud lookups for URL categorization and security-focused online reputation, or use a mix of both for the best protection and efficiency. Web Gateway may provide a higher level of protection while optimizing security on a single platform thanks to the cloud-based virus lookup capabilities of McAfee's file reputation service.
  • Extend administration with a robust policy engine Supporting the multi-tenancy demands of the largest companies and service providers, a potent policy engine allows unparalleled flexibility and control in policy creation and application. Web Gateway gives this versatile control to web applications as well. Web Gateway offers extensive function management within approximately 1,000 web apps, such as popular social and streaming media, file sharing, and anonymizing programs.
  • Block data loss Scanning all-important web protocols for user-generated material will prevent sensitive information from leaving your firm. Have complex data loss requirements? Rely on Web Gateway to interact with McAfee DLP solutions.

Advanced technology is required to defend against complex web-based attacks, but it need not be expensive or complicated. Cloud-based Web security provides security teams with the same sophisticated threat protection as on-premises appliances without the expense of hardware or the resources necessary to maintain it. As increasing web access happens beyond the network's perimeter, the cloud becomes the constant point of contact for mobile devices and users. Developing security from the endpoint outward is more effective than securing traffic entering a single place. By integrating access control and threat prevention for the Cloud and the Web, your employees can be more productive and secure.