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The Best WiFi Tools for Analysis, Security, and Monitoring of Wireless Networks

wifi tools – sniff, analyze, troubleshoot, speed tests and more!

Marc Wilson UPDATED: January 11, 2024

People used to connect to a WiFi network only with a laptop; now, they are bringing all their WiFi-enabled gadgets into the wireless environment, including their smartphones, TVs, smartwatches, speakers, etc.

To make matters more complicated, business policies such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) allow users to connect freely to a network.

All of these devices slow down a network making browser speeds crawl and surfing the net or performing online tasks slow.

Not only does it slow down the network, but allowing access to a wide range of devices can also put your WiFi clients and AP's at risk.

Here is our list of the top WiFi analyzers:

  1. Site24x7 – FREE TRIAL Provides businesses with a wide range of Wi-Fi tools allowing for real-time and historical performance metrics, customizable alerts, and automated remediation. Site24x7 is highly scalable making it ideal for both small and larger network environments. Start a 30-day free trial.
  2. Paessler PRTG – FREE TRIAL WiFi bandwidth utilization monitoring, enabling detection of bandwidth caps and data overloads, and identifies top bandwidth-consuming users and devices. Download a 30-day free trial.
  3. NetAlly AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO This detection and analysis tool for 802.11 systems automatically documents the presence of wireless signals and captures traffic for analysis. Available for Windows and macOS.
  4. InSSIder by MetaGeek This WiFi visualizer is available in free and paid versions with the paid plan offering more analytical features. Runs on Windows and macOS.
  5. SolarWinds WiFi Network Analyzer with NPM Equipped with proactive scanning, monitoring, and troubleshooting to help you monitor and manage large-scale wireless networks.
  6. Acrylic WiFi A WiFi identifier that creates a signal quality graph for the wireless broadcasters that it encounters, showing the signal strength of each service. Available in free and paid versions. Runs on Windows.
  7. WiFiInfoView by Nirsoft A free WiFi analyzer that is available in a long list of languages. This is a reliable and useful identifier of wireless signals that decodes their characteristics. Runs on Windows.
  8. Homedale This free wireless network stumbler has some great visualization features, including a signal strength graph and a footprint mapper. Available for Windows and macOS.
  9. NetSpot This utility scans the air for nearby APs and then tracks their signals. It can overlay signal strength and footprint on your floorplan. Available in free and paid versions for Windows and macOS.
  10. iStumbler This wireless network scanner shows a list of all the signals it spotted and the information for each is constantly updated. Runs on macOS.
  11. Tamosoft TamoGraph Site Survey This tool discovers wireless signals and lists them, showing the AP’s make and model, signal strength, and throughput rate. You can also feed it a floorplan and get a heatmap. Available for Windows and macOS.
  12. LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner Free for personal use, this tool spots wireless signals on 802.11 a, b, n, g, and ac. All signals within range are plotted together on one graph for comparison. Runs on Windows.

Hackers can install rogue AP's or crack your security encryption with the help of sophisticated hardware sniffers.

And if you think your wireless stays within your building, think again, you might have lots of signal leakage which allows a hacker to war-drive your network.

Knowing where your signals are, and the neighboring APs is key to keeping your network secure.

With the right site survey or stumbler tool, you can solve these issues pretty easily.

Finding why your AP's are having a bad day can be as simple as changing a channel or moving an object that creates interference.

A proper penetration tester can also help you identify where your weak security spots are, and improve them accordingly.

WiFi Tools

In this article we will be covering 25 tools which are a mix of top control and traffic analyzers, security auditors, and monitoring tools to help you narrow down issues and security flaws in your network.

Below are some of the most common characteristics/processes of the WiFi tools:

  • WiFi AnalyzerMay do any or some of the following: Scanner, Site Survey, Stumbler, Spectrum Analyzers, and WiFi Heatmapper.
  • Auditing and Security – May do any or some of the following: Scanner, Site Survey, Traffic Analysis, Packet Sniffer, and Pen Tester.
  • Monitoring and Management –  Scanner, Inventorying, Site Survey, Stumbler, Spectrum Analyzers, Heat-mappers, Traffic Analysis, Packet Sniffer, etc.

We love these tools because they provide the functionality for analyzing, securing, monitoring, and troubleshooting a WiFi network.

Some of these are free, open-source, others are inexpensive, and others might be more appropriate for the enterprise.

Now let's dig a little deeper into each tool to help you find the one that fits your needs.

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The Best WiFi Tools

Our methodology for selecting network monitoring tools and software

We reviewed the market for wireless network monitoring software and analyzed the tools based on the following criteria:

  • A monitor that can receive transmissions following 802.11a, b, g, n, ac, and ax
  • Alerts for performance anomalies
  • Signal strength monitoring
  • Signal source detection that spots rogue devices
  • Coverage for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels
  • A free trial, a money-back guarantee, or a demo for a cost-free assessment
  • Value for money that is represented by a suitable price with respect to the functions offered

With these selection criteria in mind, we have found some great WiFi analyzers for you to try and we found tools that will run on each of the major operating systems.

1. Site24x7 – FREE TRIAL

Site24x7 Network Performance Monitor

Site24x7 offers a powerful solution in the arena of WiFi analysis tools, catering to the growing demands of businesses for maintaining robust and efficient wireless networks. This tool is well-suited for organizations that require detailed insights into their WiFi network performance, ensuring optimal connectivity and identifying potential issues before they impact users. Site24x7 excels in offering detailed WiFi network analysis, which is crucial for maintaining high-performance wireless networks in complex environments.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive monitoring of WiFi network performance, including signal strength, bandwidth usage, and access point health
  • Detailed insights into connected devices, traffic patterns, and potential interference sources
  • Customizable alerts for immediate notification of WiFi network issues
  • Historical data analysis for trend identification and capacity planning
  • Integration with broader network monitoring tools for a complete view of network health

Why do we recommend it?

Site24x7 is recommended for its in-depth WiFi network analysis capabilities, which provide essential insights into network performance and user connectivity. Its ability to monitor various aspects of WiFi networks makes it a crucial tool for ensuring optimal wireless network operation.

Who is it recommended for?

This tool is ideal for network administrators and IT professionals in medium to large enterprises with complex WiFi infrastructures. It is especially beneficial for environments where consistent and high-quality wireless connectivity is essential for business operations.


  • Extensive WiFi network performance monitoring
  • Insights into connected devices and traffic patterns
  • Customizable alerts for proactive network management


  • May be more advanced than required for smaller or less complex WiFi networks

Site24x7 Start a 30-day FREE Trial

2. PRTG WiFi Usage Monitor – FREE TRIAL

PRTGI Wifi Usage monitor

WiFi Bandwidth and Data Monitoring

The Paessler PRTG WiFi Usage Monitor is a free WiFi bandwidth utilization monitoring tool. It can help you detect imposed WiFi bandwidth caps and data overloads. With this tool, you can find the top-talkers (users and devices) that are consuming the most WiFi bandwidth.

PRTG uses SNMP, flow, or packet sniffing to analyze traffic and monitor WiFi bandwidth. With this tool, you can see how much bandwidth a specific device is consuming, and you can even go one step ahead and see the applications that are consuming the most.


  • Built for professionals and enterprise use
  • Supports both heat mapping as well as wireless network performance monitoring
  • Makes great use of visualizations to map out more complex wireless networks


  • Could offer better reporting features
  • Can take time to fully explore all features

PRTG is free for up to 100 sensors. You can extend the number of monitoring sensors by upgrading to the paid license. The price for PRTG500 (for 500 sensors) starts at $1,600. Get an unlimited 30-day free trial.

Paessler PRTG Download a 30-day FREE Trial

3. AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO

Airmagnet WiFi

WiFi Traffic Analysis and Site Survey

AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer by NetAlly is a comprehensive wireless network analyzer. It can help you analyze 802.11a/b/g/n/ax wireless traffic in real-time. It also provides you with an overview of wireless network connectivity, coverage, performance, throughput, and network security issues.

Key Features:

  • WiFi traffic analyzer
  • Automatic troubleshooting
  • WiFi Interference Detection & WiFi Analysis
  • WLAN Client Roaming Analysis

The software can also generate full reports to help you with regulatory compliance for PCI, SOX, and ISO.


  • Designed to support larger networks
  • Features capacity planning tools, great for enterprise network administrators
  • Templates allow admins to experiment with different power outputs and hardware configurations virtually
  • Can calculate user network performance metrics in its simulations to help correlate the heatmap to potential downtime


  • Not available for Linux
  • No free trial – must manually request a demo version

NetAlly AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer PRO works straight out of the box and has a great dashboard that squeezes in a lot of graphs about the performance and attributes of the nearby APs that it detected. Catch 802.11a/b/g/n/ax traffic with this useful tool for analysis and also compliance reporting for PCI-DSS, SOX, and ISO. The system has a great interference detection system that can explain any reception problems that your users are experiencing.

4. InSSIder by MetaGeek


WiFi Scanner and Site Survey

InSSIder is a WiFi scanner designed for small networks. It helps you optimize your WiFi network for the best performance. The software can analyze your wireless network and alert you if there is a better channel. It can also help you troubleshoot bandwidth bottlenecks, pinpoint interference, and trouble spots.

InSSIder gives you an overview of the wireless networks within the coverage. It includes their SSID, channel, and more information. It is also capable of detecting rogue APs. The software is only supported by Windows.


  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Supports native graphical monitoring
  • Designed for smaller networks
  • Quickly highlights key issues such as bottlenecks and coverage problems
  • Low monthly price


  • The best option for larger environments

Price: Start using the software on a subscription-based price for $8.25 a month.

Download: Create a free account and test InSSIder for a limited time.

5. SolarWinds WiFi Network Analyzer with NPM

Solarwinds Wifi Network Analyzer

Analyzer, manager, and monitoring

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is one of the most comprehensive network performance monitoring tools for any infrastructure. NPM comes with a WiFi Network Analyzer for proactive scanning, monitoring, and troubleshooting of WiFi networks.

Key Features:

  • Create WiFi Heatmaps
  • Visualize network paths
  • Performance details of APs and clients connected
  • WiFi analysis
  • Auto-discovery

The tool can help you monitor and manage large-scale wireless networks. You can collect performance metrics information from APs, wireless controllers, and their clients. It can also be used to collect all information from neighboring APs, like SSID, MAC address, RSSI, etc. It also gives you details into the IP addressing information of all APs and their clients.


  • Great interface that balances visualizations and key insights well
  • Highly customizable reports, dashboards, and monitoring tools
  • Uses simple QoS rules for quick traffic shaping
  • Built with large networks in mind, can scale to 50,000 flows
  • Available for both Linux and Windows


  • Is a highly specialized suite of tools designed for network professionals, not designed for non-technical users

Price: NPM starts at USD $2750.00, for more details on the price, get a quote.

Download: Get a free fully-functional 30-day free trial of the WiFi Network Analyzer with NPM.

6. Acrylic WiFi

Acrylic WiFI

Advanced WiFi Scanner and Site Survey

Acrylic WiFi is a free WiFi scanner for Windows. The dashboard shows WiFi information in real-time and allows you to optimize performance and troubleshoot your wireless networks. With Acrylic WiFi, you can maximize AP coverage and find channel interference problems.

Key Features:

  • Scans 802.11/a/b/g/n/ac/ax
  • Shows WiFi channels in 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
  • Visualize signal strength and WiFi graphs

The software scans your surroundings and shows you an overview of the nearby WiFi APs. It obtains information on signal strength levels, SSID, channels, and WLAN security encryption.


  • Designed for small to medium-sized businesses making it easy to use for less experienced users
  • Automatically identifies best places for access point placement
  • Drawing walls, rooms, and specifying building materials are easy


  • Lacks mobile app
  • Not designed for enterprise use

Price: There are two software editions:

  • Acrylic Wi-Fi Home – Free
  • Acrylic Wi-Fi Professional – $19.90/license

Download: Acrylic WiFi Home edition for free.

7. WiFiInfoView


WiFi Scanner and Site Survey

WiFiInfoView by NirSoft is a free wireless network scanner. It surveys the wireless are surrounding your computer and gathers a wide arrange of information. The software can display data of detected APs, such as SSID, Hardware Address (MAC), PHY Type, signal quality, RSSI, channel number, frequency speed, hardware information, and more.

WiFiInfoView also comes with a summary mode, which groups all wireless information found, by channel number, PHY type, or speed.


  • Very lightweight tool – uses little system resources
  • Supports data grouping – great for testing multiple APs
  • Quickly produces scan results
  • Completely free


  • The interface is very barebones – does not support native graphing

Price: Free

Download: WiFiInfoView from its official site.

8. Homedale


Wireless Scanner and Site Survey

Homedale from the SZ development is a free WiFi monitoring and scanner software. It can scan your WiFi network and nearby APs and monitor the signal strength using Homedale’s graphs. The software supports 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless networks in the two popular frequency bands (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz).

Some information that Homedale can detect:

  • Nearby APs with their SSID
  • Signal strength
  • Security encryption mechanism
  • Data rates
  • Channel and frequency

You can use third-party services like Google Geolocation, Mozilla Location Service, and Open WLAN Map Service with Homedale to locate detected APs.


  • Great visual reporting and feedback
  • Can easily see potential interference between networks and devices
  • Supports various third-party services
  • Completely free


  • Better suited for home users and small businesses

Price: Free

Download: Homedale from its official site.

9. NetSpot


Wireless Scanner, Site Survey, and Analyzer

NetSpot is a free WiFi survey and analysis software for Windows and macOS. It allows you to scan 802.11 WiFi coverage area, perform advances site surveys, and visualize all results in a single dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Visualize WiFi coverage
  • Channel load
  • Identify rogue AP's
  • Create WiFi heat-maps
  • Recommendations on boosting the WiFi signal

The software can also create WiFi heatmaps, so you can identify where the signal leakages or dead zones are.


  • A scalable tool that works well in both home offices as well as enterprise-sized networks
  • Can run on multiple operating systems, supporting Windows and macOS
  • Doesn’t require training to use, does a good job at being self-explanatory for new users


  • Lacks some device management features seen in competitor products

Price: The NetSpot software comes in four editions:

  • Free Edition
  • Home Edition – $49.00
  • Pro Edition –  $149.00
  • Enterprise Edition – $499.00

Download: the NetSpot free edition.

10. iStumbler


Spectrum Analyzer, Stumbler and Site Survey

iStumbler is a wireless discovery software for macOS systems. The tool allows you to scan and find WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices, and Bonjour services. It can scan wireless in the 2.4GHz, and the 5GHz WiFi frequency ranges. iStumbler gives you detailed information such as SSID, security encryption mechanism, signal level, S/N (Signal to Noise), Distance, Channel, and Frequency.

With iStumbler, you can view the location of all discovered WiFi networks, track the movement of your computer. You can also export the location database and movement to Google Earth.


  • Automatically pulls wireless network information into a list in real-time
  • More beginner-friendly than some other Mac-specific products
  • Can scale with larger networks with ease


  • Doesn’t provide any detailed visualizations

Price: $14.99 for all six tools, features, and unlimited devices.

Download: Get a Free trial of iStumbler here.

11. Tamosoft TamoGraph Site Survey


Spectrum Analyzer and Site Survey

TamoGraph Site Survey is a professional WiFi site survey and RF planning tool. You can use it, to measure and visualize 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi characteristics, such as signal strength, SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), SIR (Signal to Interference Ratio), TCP/UDP throughput rates, and more. Once you scan for wireless, the tool will automatically detect the AP location.

Key Features:

  • Passive, active, and predictive surveys
  • Spectrum Analysis
  • AP geographical location
  • Heatmaps
  • Reporting

You can import floor plan maps into the application and overlay your heat-maps over them. The TamoGraph site survey is available for Windows and macOS.


  • Simple data visualization – but it gets the job done
  • Lightweight tool
  • Can test traffic across different VLANs and QoS settings
  • Supports Android, MacOS, Windows, and iOS environments


  • Can take time to explore the tool fully

Price: TamoGraph Site Survey comes in two editions:

  • Pro – 1 User License — $1,269.00
  • Standard – 1 User License — $909.00

Download: Get a free trial of TamoGraph Site Survey here.

12. LizardSystems Wi-Fi Scanner


Wireless and Site Survey

LizardSystems WiFi Scanner is an advanced scanner for 802.11 a/b/n/g wireless networks and 802.11ac routers. The software supports 2.4 and 5 GHz frequency bands. The scanner finds and collects information from all APs within range. It displays all collected data into the dashboard, along with a real-time signal strength line graph.

As any wireless scanner does, LizardSystems can collect all sorts of AP information, from SSID, signal strength (RSSI) and quality, MAC address (BSSID), data throughput rate, operating channel, and security encryption for each AP.

LizardSystems WiFi Scanner runs only on Windows.


  • Simple interface – easy to learn and use
  • Ideal for SMB networks
  • Great budget-friendly option
  • Can quickly scan and build inventory lists


  • Not the best option for enterprise networks

Price: You can purchase the software through two different licenses:

Download: Get a fully-functional 10-day trial of Lizard WiFi Scanner.

13. Ekahau Heatmapper


Spectrum Analyzer, Site Survey, Mapper

Ekahau HeatMapper is a free WiFi site survey and mapping tool. It can discover all nearby APs, (including rogue APs and hidden networks), and show their information like security settings, MAC, etc. Ekahau HeatMapper supports 802.11n and a/b/g standards.

The software detects and records the WiFi signal while roaming around the coverage area in your home or office. Ekahau Heatmapper draws the signal strength data gathered in the survey into the floor plan. The graphical representation of a heatmap allows you to see from the strongest to the weakest signal point in your wireless networks.

Ekahau HeatMapper is only available for Windows OS.


  • Supports autodiscovery
  • Pulls in network security details such as encryption type and status
  • Easily identifies hidden networks


  • The visual map interface could be more intuitive

Price: Free

Download: Ekahau HeatMapper for free.

14. ManageEngine Wifi Analyzer Plus


WiFi Analyzer and Site Survey

ManageEngine WiFi Monitor Plus is a free diagnostics Android application that helps you analyze and survey your WiFi network. You can view and troubleshoot WiFi networks and their connectivity at the convenience of your Android mobile device.

Key Features: 

  • AP Scans
  • Signal strength graphs
  • Heat-maps
  • Monitor channel interference

With WiFi monitor Plus, you can improve WiFi performance by keeping track of the WiFi channels and their interference.The tool will identify APs signal strength and filter them from weakest to strongest. It will also allow you to survey sites using floor plans and create heatmaps.


  • Runs on Android devices
  • Can view heatmaps and details across multiple channels
  • Allows administrators to quickly produce on-site surveys
  • Completely free


  • Better suited for quick troubleshooting on-the-go

Price: Free

Download: WiFi Analyzer Plus to your Android device.

15. WiSpy from MetaGeek


Advanced Spectrum Analyzer

WiSpy from MetaGeek is a powerful spectrum analysis tool, that can measure WiFi activity in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. It can collect radio frequency data and provide you with real-time visualization of your WiFi networks.

Key Features: 

  • Identify the source of interference
  • Keep track of and manage saturated channels
  • Find and remove WiFi dead zones
  • Build comprehensive reports

The visualizations are highly interactive. You can see interference from the graphs and locate the device that is causing it. The software can even help you identify non-WiFi sources of interference.


  • Provides a detailed look at radio frequency data
  • Highlights each source of wireless interference – even non-Wi-Fi devices
  • Supports comprehensive technical reporting
  • Includes a dual-band antenna


  • Not ideal for home uses – designed for technical use and administrators

Price: The software can be obtained through the product bundle Chanalyzer Essential for $999.

The price includes Wi‑Spy DBx, Chanalyzer with Report Builder, and a Dual-Band Directional Antenna.

Download: Free 7-day trial of WiSpy.

16. Wifi Analyzer by Farproc

Wifi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer and Site Survey

WiFi Analyzer developed by Farproc is a free and simple WiFi analyzer for Android devices. The app allows you to maximize the performance of your AP by keeping track of channels. The app supports both WiFi bands, the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.

Key Features:

  • Take snapshots of the graphics
  • Automatic scans
  • Rate available channels

You can use the WiFi Analyzer from your Android mobile device and get graphical views of the WiFi APs around you. The tool will show information such as SSID, channels, signal strength, frequency band, and security mechanisms.


  • Provides various visuals to help illustrate Wi-Fi performance, coverage, and interference
  • Supports both Wi-Fi bands
  • Runs on Android devices
  • Allows for basic yet informative reporting


  • Not available for iOS

Price: Free

Download: Get the Wifi Analyzer Android App from the Google Play store.  

17. Vistumber


Stumbler, Site Survey, and Mapper

Vistumbler is a free and open-source WiFi network scanner. It can map and visualize APs around you by collecting data from wireless and GPS. The tool displays a list with AP information such as channel, encryption mechanisms, SSID, and RSSI.

The software shows you live graphs of the APs, which are highly customizable. You can also integrate it with Google Earth for large WiFi deployments and track all APs, and record their location. The tool supports GPS through COM-based NMEA receivers, and you can export these GPS locations to Google Earth.

Vistumbler is available only for Windows systems.


  • Completely free tool
  • Supports built-in graphing that is automatically created based on devices in the area
  • Can overlay sat imagery to help clients see their coverage area more accurately


  • Better-suited for enterprise use
  • Steeper learning curve than most other wifi analyzers

Price: Free and open source.

Download: Vistumbler for official site or from the Github repository.

18. Netstumbler


Scanner, Stumbler, and Site Survey

Netstumbler is a free Wireless LAN surveying and stumbler tool for 802.11b/a/g WLAN standards. It scans and lists all nearby APs and displays their information, from SSID, channel, throughput, MAC address, hardware vendor, and security encryption.

It can also help you find rogue access points. Netstumbler is pretty popular because it can display additional information that some stumbler tools cannot. It can show information on signal, noise, and SNR levels so that you can identify weak signals in the network and interference. The tool also comes with GPS support that helps record AP locations when surveying sites.

It only supports Windows OS and Windows CE/Mobile.


  • Collects metrics such as signal strength, SSID, encryption type, and more
  • Simple data exports as a CSV file
  • Very lightweight – great for older machines and travel
  • Completely free to use


  • The interface could use improvement
  • Not ideal for larger environments

Price: Free

Download: Get the latest version of NetStumbler from its official site.

19. CommView for WiFi

Commview for Wifi

Analyzer, auditing, and monitoring

CommView for WiFi is a WiFi monitor and packet analyzer tool developed by TamoSoft. It can keep track of WiFi standards 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax.

Key Features: 

  • Scan WiFi APs
  • Capture WLAN traffic
  • View IP connections
  • Specify WEP or WPA keys to decrypt
  • Monitor bandwidth utilization
  • VoIP module

CommView captures WiFi packets on the air and then makes them available for you to search and filter. The list displays useful information, like APs, signal strength, network connections, protocols, etc.

The tool comes with powerful alerting capabilities, that can let you know when a specific type of traffic is detected through the WiFi.


  • Highly detailed monitoring and reporting features
  • Supports packet capture and inspection
  • Includes alerting functions – great for longterm monitoring


  • Has a steeper learning curve than competing tool
  • Not ideal for non-technical users

Price: CommView for WiFi comes in three editions:

  • CommView for WiFi – $455.00
  • CommView for WiFi 1 Year Subscription – $179.00
  • CommView for WiFi VoIP – $909.00

Download: Get a free evaluation version of CommView for WiFi for 30 days.

20. Aircrack-ng


Sniffer, Pen Testing and Security Auditing

Aircrack-ng is a bundle of tools used for advanced pen testing, security, and auditing for 802.11 Wireless LANs. The package consists of three main tools that can help monitor and assess WiFi security.

The software captures packets and can export all data to third-party apps. It can also perform algorithms on the captured packets to find security weaknesses. The tool is frequently used to perform pen-testing.

You can test network security with replay attacks, deauthentication, rogue APs, and more. It is one of the most popular tools of white hat and black hat hackers for WEP and WPA PSK (WPA 1 and 2) password cracking.


  • Focuses heavily on wireless security – great for routine audits or field pen tests
  • One of the most widely supported wireless security tools
  • Can audit wifi security as well as crack weak wireless encryption


  • Not the best option for those looking for an “all-in-one tool”.

Price: Free

Download: Get Aircrack-ng from its official site.

21. Kismet


Sniffer, Pen Testing and Security Auditing

Kismet is an all-in-one WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n security auditing software. It can detect wireless networks and devices, sniff traffic, AP mapping (wardriving), and detect intrusions (WIDS). The software is available for Linux, OSX, Windows 10 (under WSL framework), and BSD platforms.

Key Features:

  • It supports various wireless interfaces
  • Wireless Intrusion Detection System
  • Passive packet sniffer
  • Find hidden networks (rogue AP's)

Kismet can work with a varied number of wireless cards, as long as they support raw monitoring mode (rfmon). It also works with additional hardware to capture packets from the air, from WiFi interfaces, Bluetooth, SDR, and more.


  • Available for Linux, Mac, and OpenBSD
  • Can scan for Bluetooth signals along with other wireless protocols outside of Wifi
  • Allows for real-time packet capture that can be forwarded to multiple team members
  • Uses plugins for additional features to keep the base installation lightweight
  • Free to use


  • Reliant upon the open-source community for support and updates

Price: Free and open-source.

Download: Download Kismet from its official site.

22. Omnipeek Network Analyzer

Omnipeek Network Analyzer

Sniffer, Analyzer, and Security Auditing

Omnipeek Network Analyzer is a packet sniffer and network analyzer tool developed by Savvius. It provides real-time analysis for WiFi 802.11ac, wired, and VoIP traffic. Omnipeek Network Analyzer works with most of the popular network interface cards out there.

It also supports more than 40 plugins through its API, so that you can extend its functionality. To capture wireless traffic, Omnipeek offers a USB-connected WiFi adaptor.

It is only supported by Windows OS.


  • Lightweight install, additional features can be extended through plug-ins
  • Supports ethernet and wireless packet capture
  • Offers packet replay for testing and capacity planning


  • Interface could be improved, especially around the toolbar section

Price: For more information on pricing, contact LiveAction sales.

Download: Get a free 30-day trial of the Omnipeek Network Protocol Analyzer.

23. Wireshark


Sniffer and Network Analyzer

Wireshark is one of the most popular free and open-source analyzers for wired and wireless networks. With Wireshark, you can troubleshoot, optimize, and improve the security of 802.11 wireless networks.

Key Features:

  • View layer protocols
  • It supports decryption
  • Capture data from multiple interfaces
  • Packet sniffer
  • Export results to CSV, XML, or plain-text

You can capture TCP/IP packets between the computer (Server) and a WLAN client. You can also capture 802.11 control packets and the radio-layer information such as SSID, signal strength, etc.


  • Massive open-source community keeps the software updated and new features added periodically
  • Built by network professionals, for network professionals
  • Can save captured packet data for further analysis or archival purposes


  • A steeper learning curve, even for those who use IT products regularly
  • Pulls all data over the network unless intentionally filtered out

Price: Free and open-source.

Download: Download Wireshark for free here.

24. KisMAC


Sniffer, Analyzer, and Security Auditing

KisMAC is a free and open-source wireless network scanner and security tool for macOS. It is designed for professional network security auditors and has similar functionalities as Kismet.

Key Features:

  • WiFi Scanner
  • WiFi Sniffer
  • WiFi Security assessments and pen testing
  • Support mapping and GPS

KisMAC can help you scan surrounding wireless and discover WiFi networks. It can even find hidden networks, cloaked SSIDs, and unauthorized rogue AP's. With KisMAC, you can also see connected clients in your WiFi network, including information such as IP, Mac addresses, signal strength, etc.


  • Designed to run natively on MacOS – great tool for a Windows alternative
  • Designed to capture and replay wireless packets – great for wireless security
  • Displays data within the program through heat mapping, which is also useful for identifying rogue APs


  • Would like to see more supported hardware chipsets

Price: Distributed under the GNU, KisMAC is free software.

Download: KisMAC source code from the GitHub repository.


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